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Team Solid offers Asphalt Mixing Plants after considering the feed back of the actual end users on site. Hence the mixing plants are innovatively designed , user friendly giving hassle free operation. Uttermost care has been taken to reduce the over all implementation cost and finally the operating cost to make them suit the extreme working conditions. Operating Principles of the Venturi Type Dust Collector: A venturi type high efficiency wet dust collector that maintains the required environmental standards in specified areas. The extreme turbulence type venture design ensures a very good entrapping of the dust laden exhaust gas. The dust laden exhaust gas is drawn from the mixer drum and into the dust collector by the exhaust fan, the exhaust gas passes through water spray introduced by a multiple spray nozzle bar in dust collector. The extreme turbulence in the dust collector assure through mixing of dust particles in the exhaust gas. As the exhaust gas enters the Sludge Separator, the dust laden water is removed by centrifugal action of the perforated skimmer plate. The dust laden water is then drained out of the sludge separator, in the form of a watery sludge, into a settling pond. LARGE NON-CLOGGING NOZZLES:Large stainless steel spray nozzles provide a clog free operation and assure minimum water make up requirements. The adjustable venture throat permits “Line Tunning” to get optimum cleaning efficiency for the plant operating conditions. EFFICIENT WETTING ACTION: The two stage dry dust collector system houses a wet dust collector, operating on a extreme turbulence venture principle. The venturi installed on the exhaust duct path creates extreme turbulence in the path of the dust laden exhaust gases. A manual vane control arrangement is supplied in order to control alter the gas flow. The dust embedded in the water droplets form a kind of sludge which is then collected in a separate. The separate collects heavy sludge and the cleaned exhaust gases leave the plant from the chimney. The sludge is collected in the collecting pond where after setting the collected dust can be safely disposed off. CONSTANTLY PRIMED WATER PUMPS: Water Pumps (Johnson) supplied with the pollution unit. Pollution unit are frame mounted with a sealed and internally braced water tank on the inlet (Pond) side of the water pump. In operation, pond water enters high in the tank and exits near the bottom. When shutdown, the tank maintains a head of water on the pump for start up. This does away with troublesome inlet foot valves or having to prime the pump on start up. This system has been proven in many field insulation SETTING POND FOR SLUDGE DRAINAGE: A setting pond will have to be constructed of sufficient size and water capacity depending on the model wet collector being used with the thermo drum unit. The settling pond would have a volume approximately equivalent to the amount of water passing through the wet collector in one hour. The setting pond show is divided into three sections by weirs. The sludge from the separator enters. In ‘A’ section where much of the particles settle out, before flowing over into the next section ‘B’. By the time the water enters section ‘C’ it is amply clarified for recirculation. • The sludge pond requires to be cleaned once a week based on normal site conditions. • As a safety measure, always surround / cover the sludge pond with wire fence since working temp of water may be above 800C. • It is also necessary to have the drain pipe submerged in the pond. SURFACE WATER: Surface water is not affected by the plant as the closed cycle of operation of the plant does not permit contact with surface water. The dust recycling systems prevents the collected dust to come in contact with the ground. However, it is advisable that any excessive dust it collected at the setting pond be properly disposed off and not dumped into any surface water body, as it may contain asphalt particles, which are harmful when consumed. AIR • The plant does not pollute the surrounding air due to the enclosed dual system pollution control unit. • The Pollution control unit has an overall efficiency of over 90% and the emissions are therefore, well within environmental norms. CHIMNEY: • The asphalt plant is supplied with a chimney around 4.5 Mtrs in Length. • The exhaust fan is supplied with a very good acoustic design to arrest noise pollution.
ADVANTAGES OF SENSOR PAVER FINISHER : • Joint Less One Piece Chesses • Hopper Capacity 5.7 M3 • Conveyor sprocket Special Type • Main Drive Low Speed High Torque • Minimum Operating Speed 500 RPM So Fuel Consumption Minimum • Drive chain of Tyre is close with oil bath
ADVANTAGES OF DRUM MIX ASPHALT PLANT • Manufactured as per MORTH specification. • These Hot mix plants have highly accurate aggregate & additives feeder. • High production rate. • Machines are easy to operate • These Asphalt Drum Mix plants produce High quality mix and modern Hot Mix Technology.
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