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We provide Asphalt Storage Tanks to store liquid Asphalt stuffed with or without essential chemicals. You can select from the variety of sizes available given the requirements. These tanks have been evolved to a level of perfection over the years of performance. Our Asphalt Storage Tanks are insulated with fibre wool right from with top to bottom of the tanks. Choose from the several categories available like portable, stationary, vertical and horizontal and fulfil your Asphalt storage needs easily.


  • Available in various sizes.
  • Available in horizontal or vertical tanks.
  • Tanks are categorised in portable or stationary variants.
  • Includes thermal duct, man hole, fitting hooks and breathing pipes.
  • Asphalt tanks are heated with heating coils.
  • Hot thermal fluid from oil heater circulates through the heating coils to heat the asphalt stored inside the tank.


  • Designed for storing hot liquid Asphalt as well as Asphalt of normal temperature.
  • Tend to offer high level of perfection for storing Asphalt.

Key Highlights

qty Descriptionkey Highlights
1 Light Oil Burner equipped Direct Heating System Bentone / Riello
2 “U” shape Tank, insulated by Glasswool 50 mm Thickness
3 Tank shell thickness 5 mm
4 Tank Support Structure A – 37x37x3
5 Cladding Sheet C.R / G.I
6 “U” Type Internal Heating Coil Path : 5 mm thickness ERW ASIAN Pipe
7 Flange type gland coke valve 65 mm
8 Thermo Couple PT100
9 Analogue Type Meter 0-300o C Dial
10 Tank Connection 2 ½” NB Pipe
11 Paint Option Black / Silver
The tank comprises of : SHALIMAR Auto Finished Paints & ESSAR / SAIL M.S all structural steel (Fusion Welding Quality – IS2062)
We are using standard quality parts & raw-material
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