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  • The tank body is manufactures with steel plates 4 mm thickness, Welded inside. Insert gas atmosphere (with materials of the same chemical composition) to special reinforcement profiles and to the mild stell.
  • The tank is self supporting type, that is, the body works itself as a resisting element between the landing gears and the king pin.
  • Well dimension internal battles.
  • Lower gravity center
  • Internal body and top ends insulated with a mineral wool pay (50mm thickness). External insulating cover-ing With polished stainless steel plates 0.6 mm thickness.


  • Tank with 30,0001iters.
  • 500 manhole 2 nos.
  • Ladder giving access to the top with anti-skid and handrail.
  • Walkway on the front and back side of the manhole with anti-skhd floor.
  • Air prossure line including a pressure pipe with all necessary safety valves.
  • Thermometer garaduated from 0 to 250.
  • Discharge system including 3? bitumen bottom valve.fitted in a pipe will come at the rear with a valve 4? with couplilngs and dust caps.


  • Two axles mechanical suspension, with double wheeled axles, completed with steel disc wheel and tires 1000-20.
  • Spares wheel carrier without wheel.
  • Telescopic landing legs. mechanical, two speed, manually operated. ? King-pin plate assembly with sae 2? pin
  • Bumper at the rear.
  • Complete electric stystem 24 Volts DC.
  • Pair of mud — guards with anti spray flaps.
  • Pair of parking wedges with carrier.
  • Wheel Spanner.
  • Complete set of reflecting signals.
  • Orange signal panel and danger lagels.
  • Cyclist protection device.
  • Fire extinguisher “dry chemical” with carrair
  • Earthing caple reel with clamp
  • PVC 30 liters water tank with carrier. will come at the rear with a valve 4? with couplilngs and dust caps.
We are using standard quality parts & raw-material
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